Interested in becoming a Montana Ambassador?

We provide you the opportunity to share your passion for living and doing business in Montana with your community.

Montana Ambassadors Goals:

Build business opportunities for Montana through business expansion, retention, or recruitment efforts.

Assist the Governor in developing out-of-state Ambassadors who can serve as a voice for Montana in other states.

Assist in developing and exploring business options and opportunities for Montana.

Develop relationships with educational institutions, agencies, and systems that foster the Governor's vision of economic vitality.

Support Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) initiatives for our communities like A World in Motion (AWIM) by providing STEM kits to Montana Schools.

Awards Spotlight

Half of my professional life has been spent in corporate finance (banking, investment banking, and venture capital) and the other half running companies as the CEO or CFO. I led the team that completed the $80m HaloSource 2010 IPO and subsequent sale to Strix PLC in early 2019. After the Strix sale, I returned to investment banking intent on being an “advocate” for entrepreneurs.

I rejoined Alexander Hutton, a 33-year-old investment banking firm in Seattle, as Managing Director, where I had interned as a grad student 20+ years ago. At Alexander Hutton we help entrepreneurs prepare for, and execute sale processes (either partial or full sales). Over our long history we have helped 213 private companies which is far more than any other firm in our region. We have several clients/prospects in Montana today and we believe both strategic acquirers and financial investors are increasingly looking at Montana as much more viable economy to invest in as compared to 20 years ago.

As an aside, I grew up in Butte (I have $10,000 worth of dental work to prove it!), have a home on the Big Hole River and am a passionate Montana Ambassador. The Pacific Northwest chapter is a rabid group of passionate Montana ex-pats. We hold networking events 2–3 times per year led by speakers from Montana business leaders to Montana politicians to Montana educators. In Seattle, there is a terrific community of Montana ex-pats that are eager to hear about their home and how they can get involved.

James Thompson